I saw this quote in a couple of Facebook posts today and thought it was appropriate for me to borrow as I set my sights on 2018. Beginning tomorrow, I will be staring at blank pages that I need in two weeks for the introductory chapter of my novel. I know I won’t complete this novel in 2018, maybe I won’t get beyond a chapter or two, but it’s a start and I’m excited to turn the page into this next chapter.

I am grateful that I had this past week completely off from work, the first time ever. My company gave us the entire week paid time off rather than using vacation days. I am fortunate my sons were able to spend much of the week with us, celebrating Christmas and getting ready for New Year’s. I am proud that I took the days and spent my time NOT catching up on work projects.

Instead, I ate too much, finished Dan Brown’s newest thought-provoking novel, Origin: A Novel (highly recommend, even it is a bit formulaic Dan Brown/Robert Langdon), launched into a mini-binge watch of “The Crown” on Netflix, and outlined notes for my first draft. I also spent some time thinking of the authors who have inspired me in my journey to become a historical fiction writer with a focus on a strong, female protagonist.  Three authors lead my list: Anita Diamant, Kristin Hannah and Alice Hoffman. I checked out their websites to see what has inspired them in their writing and was most impressed with a note from Anita Diamant, interviewed this year for the 20th anniversary of her blockbuster, The Red Tent 1st (first) edition Text Only.

Why do you love to focus on the relationship between women in your books?

“I believe that women’s history and women’s stories are still under-told, which means that there’s a hunger for them.”

I hope there will be a hunger for my novel. Best Wishes for a Happy, Healthy, Mindful 2018.

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