13 – lucky or unlucky? I’m going to throw off some of the old superstitions of my mother and go with LUCKY 13. This week I completed my opening chapter draft which is due for my class today. Thirteen pages. A week ago I had nine pages and thought there wasn’t much more to add for the opening.

I stepped away for a couple of days. On Wednesday, I did a yoga class and that night, a flood of ideas came to me. Ways to make those nine pages better. Now, I think the plot is starting to take shape, the characters are emerging and I’m finding the opening time period fascinating (late 1890s).  Anyone ever read The Awakening by Kate Chopin?

The Awakening (Dover Thrift Editions)

Last week, I posted the introductory paragraph as my start. This week, I have a new intro and thirteen pages. So, if you have tomorrow off for MLK, find you have a free 15-20 minutes and would like to read my 13 pages, just let me know. I prefer to not post drafts of my novel in this public blog for proprietary reasons.  PM or email me. I’ll send you the PDF.  Here’s the new intro:

A soft breeze flutters the rose-colored chintz curtains at the single, open window. Below the window, the small brick laid courtyard is edged with a bank of lilac bushes, bursting with their conical lavender clusters, each small petal carrying a hint of spring’s eternal freshness. The lilac scent settles within the warm air and enters, stirring the still, stale room. Eliza reclines in the needlepoint covered chair by the window, feeling the breeze as it sways the wisps of her auburn hair, relaxed and flowing before she’ll need to pin it up for dinner. The May issue of Harper’s Bazar sits in her lap. An uninspiring issue she thinks. The featured article is on “Cross-Country Riding”, the Hunt. Her few interactions with horses are climbing into a carriage and at her cousins’ country retreat. No new styles this spring. The cover is dreadful. A Plain Jane holding two cats. Cats belong in a barn hunting mice. She has tidied her bedroom and read two chapters of Wuthering Heights. Is this her fourth reading? Or fifth? Does it matter? Every time, Catherine marries Hareton. How she wishes she had accompanied Aunt Estelle to work today. Even if the court cases were mundane matter, at least she would have gotten out of the house. Her musings are interrupted.


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