Coursera certficateThe first step in my journey is complete. Received my Certification in Creative Writing from Wesleyan University this week. What started six months ago as an exercise in filling my new-found extra time with both boys through school, has turned into a honest to goodness, real start on a novel.

I even added validity to the start by updating my Linked In to add “Aspiring Novelist” to my profile. Too funny. Having connections congratulate me on my new job. Well, I’m not quitting the day job anytime soon!

Nope, it’s nights and weekends and days off that will now be devoted to Eliza’s story – title still TBD, just EPER Novel in Progress. Now, if I can just finish reading the book I can’t put down.  Darn you Karen Regan for picking such an intriguing, page-turner book for our next book club, The Woman in the Window: A Novel. As soon as I finish – on to Eliza.

Thanks again for all your continued support.

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