Savannah Garden

Of Good and Evil. Here we are in Savannah, setting of John Berendt’s classic, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil: A Savannah Story. I had read MGGE years ago, maybe when it first came out in 1994. Or 1995, or ’96, or ’97. After all, it appeared and stayed on the NY Times Best Seller list for 216 weeks!  Longest run for a non-fiction. As an avid reader, it would have been difficult to miss the hoopla around it. Going back and re-reading the summary on Amazon, I found I still had some credits for a few more free audio downloads.

So, guess what Jim and I are going to do tonight? Yup, flashback to the 1940’s. After our dinner down by the River, we’ll come back to our great Homeaway rental*, pour an extra glass of wine, and sit down to listen to the sordid tale of a 1981 murder case that happened right here in Savannah – just 300 feet from our rental(!), gripping the city with its intrigue and suspense that felt more like fiction than actual events. Anyone looking for a book with vivid characters, twists and turns, check it out – Amazon link above. To my sons – it’s already in the family Amazon account for you to download. 🙂

Beyond the recommendation of a great book, what could this post about Savannah possibly have to do with my own writing journey? Well for one, I’m certainly inspired by an author who had his work sit on the NYT best-seller list for so long. Berendt did a lot of research and it paid off to create levels of authenticity for his book. Second, it has given me a new idea for my novel. Facts leading to my fiction:


My grandparents, circa 1912 on their honeymoon.  Perhaps a tour of the Southern States included Savannah? We’ll all have to wait and find out if this idea works!

*We just arrived in Savannah yesterday afternoon. LOVE IT already. And, our rental is spectacular. We are planning on walking everywhere from this central location on East Gordon Street – Forsyth Park, the Riverway, over to our Civil War Historical Walking tour this afternoon. We enjoyed coffee in this beautifully decorated 2-bedroom apartment this morning after an easy stroll with Taylor over to one of the many other city’s parks. Yes, it’s a dog-friendly rental, too. Recommendation for this spot if you’re planning a trip to Savannah.

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