wheaties 84

Look at these beautiful women! This past Friday evening I caught up with several classmates from Wheaton (MA) Class of ’84. I am not shy to put that year in print and publicly admit to my age, because honestly – just look at this group – do we look 50-something? While I should have been home participating with my Facebook group on a designated #WeWriMo marathon weekend of writing, this gathering was way more fun.

What I learned is I needed this night to re-connect and remember the power and confidence we gained as graduates of a women’s college. The Class of 1984 was one of the last classes to graduate before Wheaton went co-ed. Amongst this group of 18, we have professional women who have succeeded in the fields of law, education, finance, energy, real estate, business ownership, marketing, sales and I’m sure, other fields. Sorry to say I didn’t get a chance to catch up in detail with everyone. On top of these successful careers, most are also mothers with the majority like me entering the empty nest phase. And, that’s only 18 out of our class of 300+!

I will be drawing upon these women as a continued inspiration for the development of Eliza’s story.  Sisterhood is a supportive and driving force which will be important for Eliza. Friends that shared the experience of navigating through college classes, mixers, dining hall food, The Loft, road trips to Boston and Providence, and graduation into the great unknown are friends you can pick up with as if you never left the “Dimple”.

Although I wrote 750 words for my “marathon” weekend, I’m not deterred. I have new inspiration. I have the love and support of my Wheaties, now and forever.


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