wordcloud med school

Well, I wish I could claim the 10,012 reference is to the number of steps I did today. Ha! Recovering from a bout of the flu this week, I barely had the strength to walk the dog 1,000 steps down our hill and back up. I am proud, however, to claim the 10,012 as the number of words completed in Eliza’s story to date.  With most writing resources indicating a novel should be in the 70,000 word range it looks like I’m about 14% of the way there! Of course, once I get to the editing stage, this number will drop, but it’s a good start.

Does that mean 14% of the story is told? I think that’s about right for where I am at this point. There is a lot more to come with 50 more years of historical events, plot developments and character development. For character development, I was able to field some quick research this week. I am thrilled with the results! A simple post through Facebook generated responses from eight young women who are currently attending medical school to participate in my on-line survey. The word cloud visual here summarizes the words they gave me to describe an ideal candidate for medical school with traits needed beyond academic aptitude. Thank you to those young women, and to my friends and family that referred them to me.  I have already gone back into Eliza’s story to introduce more of these traits as the story progresses.

So while I’m lagging behind my self-imposed goal of an average of 615 words a week, I’m hoping that a cleared head and sunshine beaming in through my loft window will waken some more ideas and scenes to get me back on track to hit 15,000 words by June 1st. I received my assignments due for my June writing retreat this week and one of them is to bring five pages of our work in progress for group discussion. I want to make sure I have five pages of solid writing to share with the group, and in front of a major publisher. First impressions are everything!


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