The path may be long. It may shrouded with mysteries and tangled limbs. But I know there will be a light at the end. Even if it’s just fulfilling a goal I set nine months ago to write a story, my path along this writing journey will be complete. Of course, I’ll continue to hope the light is a shining beacon of success – publication.

Concurrently, I am on a parallel path with Eliza. In these early chapters, she is seeking her own path, writing her own history as I write her story. The first fork in that path is upon her. I am satisfied with the direction I have led her towards picking which fork to follow. These chapters are out to my preview readers and I’m looking forward to hearing their thoughts on the questions I put forward. Their answers will help me continue to shape and define Eliza’s path.

  1. Plot holes. Are there any scenes that you feel were not developed, yet should be, to lend additional interest in the story and keep it flowing?
  2. TMI. Too much information – Are there any scenes that weighed down or interrupted your reading due to a lack of clarity, verbosity, or other hindrances?
  3.  Character dialogue. Does it sound natural? Too much? Too little? Is it used to move the story forward, or is it a crutch to “tell” more of the story instead of it being shown through scenes and descriptions?
  4.  Historical references. Are they relevant to the story or scene? If not, which ones did not serve a purpose to the plot?
  5. Action and conflict resolutions. Does the story’s pace move along with enough action? Are they easily identifiable and various conflicts presented? Are they logically resolved?
  6. Other characters. Is each one necessary? Eliza, her mother Laura, her Aunts Josephine, Estelle, Maria, Florence and Adeline, her brothers, Albie and Freddy, the maids, Ellen and Mary, her Grandfather Judge Pearson. Do any of them need more, or less, description to assist with the story?
  7. Setting. Can you feel like you’re standing in the middle of some of the scenes? The parlor, the dining room, the bedroom, the market, each of her Aunts’ workplaces.
  8. At the end, can you identify Eliza’s answer? Has the story to that point set up her decision to be believable?
  9. Themes. Are there specific themes at the early stages of development? What are they?

Love this photo from our trip to Ireland one year ago this week. A poignant way to remember Ireland’s countryside- lush greenery. And inspiration for a pivotal plot twist to come in Eliza’s story. Stay tuned.

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