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Over 165 years ago the Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania was founded to give women the chance to train and become accredited as medical professionals and fulfilling a dire need for female patients to find sympathy and empathy from a woman who would understand their medical concerns and issues. The need still exists. Today I met Dr. Kelly Culwell at the Blog Her conference in NYC where she was promoting her website and podcasts, “Dr. Lady Doctor”.  Dr. Culwell specializes in women’s reproductive health and has served as a Medical Officer for the World Health Organization and a Senior Medical Advisor for the International Planned Parenthood Federation.

I was excited to learn more about Dr. Culwell’s mission in helping women find the confidence to ask their medical professionals about their sexual and reproductive health issues. My novel will be exploring a few of these same issues that have traveled with women throughout history. As exciting was the chance to ask Dr. Culwell if I could call upon her expertise during my course of writing to review some scenes. And, she agreed!

This weekend is suppose to be a marathon writing weekend with my FB group. Not sure how much time I can dedicate to it, but it’s always great to have the motivation and support of fellow writers checking in with each other throughout the weekend. #WeWriMo.

Anyone interested in learning more about Dr. Culwell, check out her site, http://www.drladydoctor.com


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