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More education on writing, or rather pitching a novel this week. Dang, there’s a lot more to a writing project than just writing. Who knew there were blurbs to be written, which are different than a synopsis or an elevator pitch? And such a thing as “pitch wars”?! With intense competition for publication, it’s no wonder self-publishing has soared over the past 10 years. In 2016 for the e-book category alone, over 165 million units, or 34% of the 487 million total, were sold by self-publishers. Of course, Amazon captured the largest share of those units with 35%.* Add in 14% through Amazon imprints gives them control of 25% of all titles.

publishingI am still hoping to publish the traditional route, which means I need to learn more about the pitch process. I participated this week in one of my Facebook groups in a learning discussion around blurbs, the quick overview of your novel. I wrote up and submitted for critique what I thought was a decent first pass at a blurb. Nope. What I wrote was more of a synopsis, too much detail. The blurb needs to entice a reader to want to learn more, to pick up your book and read it, but not give away the entire plot.

Then, I learned an elevator pitch is even shorter. Picture getting onto an elevator with someone you discover is an agent or in the publishing world. How do you describe your novel in the time you have for an elevator ride. Yikes! When I described my story line to the archivists at Drexel, I think it took me 15 minutes. Elevator trips are more like a minute or two at the most. Editing skills once again will need polishing.

With all this new found information I took another stab at my blurb. Thoughts? Would you read this book?

In 1897 Philadelphia, Eliza Edwards comes of age in a home filled with womanly influences of the period. While her widowed mother hopes her daughter’s future will follow a traditional path of marriage and home life, Eliza’s four maiden aunts each offer different outlooks for a future as a New Woman, an educated, independent, career woman who will resist society expectations.

With her aunts’ guidance, Eliza discovers a burning desire to learn and care for others tugging at her heart. As a new century begins, Eliza embraces her own independence to attend the Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania, the first accredited all women’s medical school in the country. Eliza’s career as a doctor ebbs and flows with world and local events and personal relationships. Forever connected through a sisterly bond, Eliza’s former classmates sustain her with the love and support needed to face those ebbs and flows, weather any storm, survive, and thrive as a New Woman.

Sisterly Sympathy celebrates the ties of women’s friendships which transcend history, a novel of reflection on the progress achieved by women to define a new generation of Women.

PS – I’ll let you know if I end up going the self-published route via Amazon so you can buy their stock before my sales add even more to their bottom line. LOL


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