While this destination doesn’t figure into my current novel-in-progress, I would love to think it could be a setting for my second novel. Getting ahead of myself, but I wouldn’t mind spending some extra time for research here in Bar Harbor Maine, walking the rocky coastline, hiking in Acadia National Park, learning more about the people who live in this beautiful coastal town through the height of the summer tourist season and the cold and harsh reality of the winters.

The setting of a story adds color, tone and hues to a novel. Everything from the scents in the air to a typical fare for a family dinner to the clothing needed for a setting’s weather patterns are small details to paint a vivid picture. I’ve made one trip to Philadelphia for research, but I will need a couple more before my main character makes a fateful trip to Newport Rhode Island and then settles in the Boston area.  I can cover any additional Boston research through day trips. However, Newport may require a couple of overnights. Not a shabby destination to have on my list.

For my current work, although I have a road map in my head of where my story is headed,  more unexpected detours will crop up that I haven’t yet considered before I reach the final destination. I have taken a few side trips in the plot and so far those by-ways have proven to be pleasant surprises. What will be more interesting are the roadblocks that need to emerge to create tension and conflict. I just finished one scene which teased at this idea where I introduced a struggle with self-doubt. The next few chapters on the horizon will introduce more dramatic scenes rife with difficult decisions for my main character. Stay tuned.

Note:  We visited Bar Harbor for a fabulous 3 day-2 night trip last week. Highly recommend it as a summer time destination trip. Gorgeous scenery, majestic seascapes, delicious dining options, and a lovely stay at the Cleftstone Manor. I am intrigued with the history of the area, especially after reading Anita Shreve’s, The Stars Are Fire, with its setting on the Maine coast during the aftermath of the great fire of 1947.


8 thoughts on “Destination Unknown

  1. Thanks Emily! I’m centering the time in Newport around the tennis scene. I hadn’t thought of sailing on a boat in Narragansett Bay, but that’s a great idea. Would make for a perfect date with a new romantic interest 🙂


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