It’s been a long couple of weeks on the road for work. Over 700 miles last week alone for a trip to New Jersey and Pennsylvania. While most of the driving hours filled my work day, by the time I arrived at my destinations, exhaustion set in. An unproductive period for writing. Frustrating and irritating. But work is work, and still necessary for an unpublished author.

The only redemptive part of the travel came from listening to a new book on Audible. Thank goodness it’s long – 12 hours of listening time. (Review to come when I finish it next week.) I also realized technology could help me along the way. I could pause the story and switch over to the Word Doc app on my phone and make note of some phrases that caught my ear through the “speak to write” function. I don’t think it’s plagiarism if I re-work the phrase and put the idea into my own words and voice.

The other challenge at this point in writing Eliza’s story is the roadblock I’ve hit. I’ve reached a scene which will take Eliza down a dark road. I’m finding it’s difficult to write this scene although I know it’s important to the plot and will impact future life decisions and struggles for her.  Walking my dog this morning helped to clear my head and work through parts of this scene, but I still need to find the time to sit down and just write it. Damn Patriots’ schedule with a Thursday night game today. Apparently, my priorities are still a little screwed up.

However, the long Columbus Day weekend is around the bend. I intend to hunker down and write. Just write.

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