2018 year end

As 2018 draws to a close, I feel it has been a very successful twelve months for my WIP (Work in Progress) in writing a historical fiction. I’ve completed the first draft of Part One and have a solid outline for Part Two. A quick recap by the numbers:

  • 44,672 word count which will translate into 178 published pages. RESULT: On track for the expected length of a first time historical novel.
  • 1 Main Character (MC) presented and developed through facing 4 major conflicts in Part One. RESULT: Solid and plausible resolutions for each conflict achieved.
  • 11 Supporting Characters introduced. RESULT: Each one with a purpose to add to the plot and move the MC’s story forward.
  • 5 senses included. RESULT: The scent of a succulent, peppered pork roast, the nutty taste of sherry on her tongue, the sound of a shrill jingle of a candlestick phone, the touch of a sharp prick of a pin on a finger, the sight of a bank of lilac bushes with an explosion of conical lavender clusters.
  • 10 books, fiction and non-fiction, read for research. RESULT: Additional notes made on style, language, items to insert as representative of the period (parasols to carry, shawls to wear, cigarette boxes to pocket, overshoes for rain, Lydia Pinkham’s Remedy to cure all manner of female ills).
  • 17 virtual classmates met at an informative, fun and productive writers’ retreat. RESULT: Connections made with other writers from around the world to share our progress and request critical feedback of our writings – may 2019 be productive for you, too, Dennis and Chelsa!
  • 8 Facebook groups joined. RESULT: Research and community for ideas, tips for editing and marketing, and encouragement from other writers.
  • 10 hour-long writing sprints attended. RESULT: 5,787 words typed for 13% of the year’s total yield.
  • 48 – now 49 blog posts. RESULT: Consistent commitment to posting almost once a week.
  • 1,493 views of my posts. RESULT: Enticing headlines to prompt e-mail opens and click overs from Facebook posts; happy to report the top viewed posts included Warning: Archivist @ Work which documented my fabulous trip to Philadelphia and a day spent in the archives of the Women’s Medical College (now Drexel).
  • 56 family members, friends, classmates, work associates (past and present), and others signed up to follow this blog. RESULT: A decent start in developing a following as I continue my journey toward publication.

I’ll close today with a thank you to the 56 of you following this blog. I try to come up with fresh ideas for each post. I hope you’ve found them interesting or entertaining, or both. Most of all, thank you for the support, the likes and the comments. Writing this novel is a long process, thank you for joining me on the journey.

Best wishes to you all for a Happy & Healthy 2019, one year closer to publication of Eliza’s Story (working title – a mystery reveal for 2019?). 


10 thoughts on “2018 Reflections on a WIP

  1. Hello Janis
    I’m looking forward to following your blog!
    I’ve never met anyone who is a published author. Can’t wait to read more about your progress!

    Liked by 1 person

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