fashionGiven I rarely see a movie when it first debuts in the theatres, combined with the political overtones woven into acceptance speeches, the only part of an Awards show I watch now are the red carpet entrances. While I didn’t catch Emma Stone during the recent Golden Globes broadcast, thanks to my niece who works for Louis Vuitton, I can see highlights from her Instagram posts. Thanks @magpiejd!

The peach and silver gown Emma Stone chose caught my eye with its simplicity and modesty, a rarity for most red carpet appearances. Emma also proves red-heads can wear peach and dusty rose tones without clashing; rather her hair tones complement and blend in at her shoulder.  

The hue also reminded me of one of the dresses I’ve chosen for Eliza.  Rich, deep embroidery offers classic lines and accents the bodice without crossing the line of immodesty. The train is simple and the capped short sleeves allow for lovely above-the elbow gloves, perfect for a special occasion in May 1912. Maybe the lace pieces inset around the chest and hem are from famous Irish lacemakers.

Searching for style inspirations is a dangerous trip down the rabbit hole of Pinterest, but it makes for a fun afternoon on a cold, winter day. Vivid descriptions of a character’s clothing offers a subtle way to reveal insights into a personality. Is she bold enough to wear the bloomers which women start to wear as bicycling becomes a new mode of transportation? How long would, or should, a widow wear black? What if she stops before the respectable year of mourning ends? Anyone else remember the scene of Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind when she bemoans having to wear black and being unable to dance at a charity ball?

Here are a few more inspirations for Part One of Eliza’s story, circa 1897. Do you have a favorite? dresses

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