Reposting this picture of my grandparents on their honeymoon as sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. One year ago, Jim and I were in Savannah. Using the caption of this photo, “Now touring Southern States”, as inspiration, I developed the idea that a stop on their tour could include Savannah. Of course, in my novel, it’s Eliza and Harrison, not Elizabeth and Eliot. See prior post here: Midnight in the Garden

Now, one year later, I am writing Chapter 18 where reference to incidents which occur in Savannah will foreshadow events to come. Intrigue and angst. What better place than the mystical city of Savannah with its Spanish-moss draped trees to explore these dark emotions?

The good news – I’m on Chapter 18. I have outlined 22 chapters. Maybe, just maybe, I can reach my goal of finishing the first draft by May. My writing group has designated April as another #WeWriMo month which should help keep me focused.

The harsh news – it has taken me a year to complete 18 chapters. I still have editing ahead, beta readers, more editing based on their feedback and then queries and pitches to try for traditional publishing. The chances are getting slimmer I will publish by May 2021, unless I self-publish.

Yet, I will persevere thanks to the continued encouragement I receive. I am grateful I was able to visit with Karyn, an old Disney friend, during a business trip to Chicago this past week. I haven’t seen her in nearly five years. It meant so much to me that one of her first catch-up questions she asked was how my writing is coming along.

The same interest and encouragement came from a visit with my dear sister-in-law, Laura, this week down in Florida. Having friends and family know how much this writing means to me really does touch my heart.

The third tug on my heart also came this week in the form of an email from Dennis, a friend I made at my writer’s retreat last June. He had offered to read my early chapters and I took him up on the offer knowing he was also working on a historical fiction. His critique left me with tingles.

Beautiful as is. Beautifully written, wonderfully paced, wonderfully descriptive. If you are a betting person, you should bet on what you have already written, and not read anything that follows. If you read further, note that I write what I would do, not what you should do.

He then continues on with well-thought through feedback for three pages of notes. I hope I will be able to return the favor for his work-in-progress.

Words from these three people in one week, knowing my brother still toils away with red pen in hand editing Chapters 1-14, and everyone else who gives me a thumbs up and “keep going” are the ones I need to thank for joining me on this journey.

Thank you for reading this post. I invite you to follow my blog and join me on my journey toward writing my first historical fiction. More information in the Novel Synopsis. You can sign up from this page with the pop-up, or send me a note through the CONTACT page and I can email you an invitation to follow.

2 thoughts on “Treasured Words & Moments

  1. I am so enjoying reading about your writing journey. This one in particular got me excited to read your book! I guess because Savannah is one of my favorite cities to visit.

    Much luck in the coming chapters.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for joining me Amy! We’ve travel the East Coast every year between NH and FLA and try to stop in different cities every time. Savannah is our favorite, too! More pressure now to write accurate descriptions 🙂


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