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Happy Publication Day, or rather Happy Birthday to debut author, Joanne Ramos. The Farm releases today ahead of the upcoming celebration of mothers on Sunday. Least you think the book is a story of ewes, mares, and sows, The Farm is the story of two-legged breeders, women who have agreed to become surrogates to the ultimate echelon of wealthy clients.

I received an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of The Farm back in February and read it immediately. If you liked The Handmaid’s Tale and the thought and discussion provoking issues it generates, I think you’ll be even more intrigued with The Farm, it’s closer to reality than the fiction of Handmaid’s.

The “farm” is the satirical name given to Golden Oaks, a maternity “lodge” with every amenity of comfort provided to the highly-paid surrogates, or hosts and where they reside while awaiting the birth of their client’s baby. The chapters alternate in POV and plot line between four main characters: two hosts, the manager of “the farm” and the aunt of one of the hosts. As a first-time novelist, I applaud Ms. Ramos and her ability to fully develop each POV as an individual character. For my own first-time novel, I am focusing on the POV of one main character which is challenging in itself. Balancing four POVs with clarity and interest is amazing.

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I received the ARC through #ReadingwithRobin on Facebook. Robin Kall Homonoff has a dream job if you ask me as a talk show host, influencer and author event producer. I look forward to meeting Robin tomorrow for an event she is producing with another novelist who met incredible success with her first novel, Martha Hall Kelly for her book, Lilac Girls. Ms. Kelly has just published her second novel, Lost Roses, a prequel to Lilac Girls.

As part of my own Mother’s Day gift to myself, in addition to the evening author event, I have a busy week ahead of researching and writing. Tonight, I’m attending another author event with Eileen McNamara from The Boston Globe who will be presenting her book on Eunice Shriver, founder of the Special Olympics. Tomorrow is a full day before the Martha Kelly event with in-person research in the archives of Radcliffe and the Harvard Law Library and a trip to the West End Museum in Boston to better understand life in that section of the city in the early 1900s and the importance of “settlement houses” for the immigrant populations who lived in the area.

DID YOU KNOW? Mother’s Day started in Philadelphia as evidenced by this street sign I found on my research trip last summer.

Mothers Day Phil.jpg

And, to all will be celebrating this weekend with their mothers, reflecting on their mothers or being treated to special pampering from their kids –

Happy Mothers Day

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