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And, the writing is easy. Or, easier it seems with fresh salt air blowing in through my porch windows. I can’t believe it’s been almost two years since my decision to embark on this writing journey. From enrolling in a creative writing class, to days of research, to drafting, editing and reviewing, I’ve enjoyed every minute. I’m excited to get to know Eliza and her friends and share them with readers. They remind me of my college friends and classmates. Notice the hat?  Cheers to the fabulous group of Wheaton women, Class of ’84, whom have given me so much encouragement and support on my adventure.

Now, I’m bearing down on completing the first draft of my manuscript. I’ve ordered a few more reference books from Amazon and through my Cape inter-library loan service to finish researching the subject I want to address for Eliza’s work during the 1930s. I think it will be powerful to pull in many parallels to current events and discussions in women’s rights and medicine. Stay tuned as Chapters 25 and 26 unfolds.

I’m also working against a self-imposed deadline to have a first draft ready to share by the third week of July with the best group of beta readers – my book club friends. I think I’ll be needing a few vacation days to finish. I’ve found I can’t really write while on the beach. Sand and sun glare on the tablet aren’t very conducive to a comfortable writing spot so I’ll have to stick to my porch and the quiet room at my library. Although I need to make note as to when the kids’ Lego Club meets at the library – not too quiet during that hour on Wednesday afternoons!

I’ve also signed up for a writers’ event in two weeks to practice my “pitch” in front of other writers. Crap – more distractions to keep me from writing. But, I think it will be an important exercise. The biggest challenge may be coming up with a title which I still haven’t chosen. I’ve been waiting to finish the first draft to see if a phrase or theme jumps out at me. I don’t think my working title, “Eliza’s Story” – yawn- will capture much attention.

June should be a productive month. I hit 75,000 words today (YOWZA!) which with a couple more chapters to go, plus editing out and adding in, should put me right in range of an estimated word count for a first time historical novel of 80K – 100K words.

In the words (or acronym) of one of my favs – LFG!!!

Ask me for the translation, or just Google “Tom Brady LFG”. 🙂

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  1. WOW 😯… two years you’ve been working on writing your book. Seems like yesterday. Can’t wait to read it!!

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