Title TBD

Draft #1, minus the final chapter = 82,517 words and approximately 330 pages. Working title, “Eliza’s Story” is out to my first set of preview, or beta, readers – my wonderful group of friends in my book club. Commence holding of breath now until we meet again at the end of August.

I’ve brought Eliza and her story up to 1933. My final chapter will take place in 1947, for a total of a 50 year span of historical events and a tremendous period of time for the advancement of women. I have several ideas for the final path taken in the last chapter. However, I think the feedback I receive for the first 29 chapters will help me decide which path should be Eliza’s final one.

I know there are a couple of plot holes in the story and I’ve used a few repetitive phrases which will need to be addressed in the next draft. Plus, my first editor has already pointed out my characters sweat a lot. There is more work to be done. But I do think I’ve brought my characters along in the story and I’ve introduced several interesting themes and events to provoke discussions. I’ll be looking forward to receiving my readers’ reactions and critique.

Now, what do I do for the next four weeks, besides nibble away at my fingernails???? First, I’ll be attending a writer’s conference here on Cape Cod next weekend where I hope to learn more about the agent “query” process. I also have a stack of books on my night stand I can turn to and devour, including Lost Roses by Martha Hall Kelley and An American Marriage by Tayari Jones, both which come highly recommended. I have a large scrapbooking project which has sat in bins in my attic for two months. And, I guess my house could use a thorough cleaning. The sand and shedding dog hair are starting to build their own homes in the corners of the rooms.

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6 thoughts on “Title TBD

  1. Congrats, Jan! You may have a bit more to do to completely wrap Eliza’s story up but what an amazing accomplishment! Enjoy your ‘free’ time!

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