Confession #1: I jumped on the bandwagon. I am now set up with “Author/Writer” accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and even have a writing ideas “board” on Pinterest and have posted some writing-related updates on LinkedIn. Luckily for all my family and friends, I’m not on Snapface, as one worldly NFL coach of few words calls it, nor dared to venture into the realm of videos with YouTube. Yet.

Why all the craziness when my second draft and ending aren’t complete? According to many sources and resources, in order to gain attention from agents and publishers they want to know the level of a potential audience you may bring to the table from the get-go. You need to contribute to the marketing of your book. Well, at least I’ve got sales and marketing skills down pat after 35 years, even if my manuscript isn’t yet polished and ready.

Confession #2: I need your help. First, thank you for signing up to follow this blog. I hope I am providing you some entertainment and information on the writing process, and building your anticipation of the publication of Eliza’s Story (title still TBD). But, I need more followers across the social media universe. If you are not already following me on these channels, please do so – it takes only a moment to hit FOLLOW and only another moment to hit a LIKE button every now and then. Of course, if you feel compelled to COMMENT on any post or tweet, I’d love to hear from you!

  • On Facebook join my 71 other followers @ Janis Robinson Daly – Author (My brother says I have erred – I’m not published yet, I can’t claim to be an author. I say “positive thinking”)
  • On Instagram join my 41 other followers @janisrdaly_writer
  • On Twitter, join my 110 other followers (who are half these people?) @janisrdaly_writer
  •  On Pinterest, check out my EPER WIP Board @JanisRDaly to see some of the items and fashions referenced in Eliza’s story. I also have some awesome tailgating recipes saved on another board.

Thank you!!!

New Feature of Blog Posts

Since I’m now on my second draft, I thought it might be interesting to more formally document my progress. As of September 9, 2019:

  •  Word Count = 83,081
  •  Pages = 332
  •  Editing = second round through Chapter 5

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