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Who else is hyped with anticipation over the Downton Abbey movie opening this coming weekend? Yaaassss!! While I didn’t start the series until a few years after it’s debut on PBS, thanks to the power of binge watching, I caught up quickly and came to love not only all the characters but the time period as well.

The first episode sets the stage and course of the family’s ensuing years tied to a significant historical event. Who remembers what it was? I found the plotline compelling and have used the idea as a major shift for my main character’s life as well: how a single historical event can influence a person’s life.

The rest of the series runs over a twelve year span, 1912-1924. I believe one reason for the show’s success stems from the historical period providing the screenwriters with the struggles of the Great War, women’s rights, and industrialization to build interesting characters and explore themes of societal impact.


Downton Abbey also supplies wonderful references for scene development for my novel. Whether it’s the place setting of a high society dinner table or dress styles worn by the various female characters, close attention to those details can create a rich and vivid scene. Lucky for me I was able to attend the Downton Abbey Exhibition when it was in NYC last spring, and took LOTS of pictures. The Exhibition is now on tour and I highly recommend it, even if you go solo like I did, you’ll find company with the other visitors who share a common interest in the series. The Boston stop ends of September 29th – don’t miss!  Or, plan an incredible trip to Asheville NC, the next tour stop is at the Biltmore estate over the holidays.

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I hope the movie lives up to its hype!


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3 thoughts on “Time Period Influence

  1. I just started watching Downton Abbey a couple of weeks ago and am already up to Season 6. I am loving binge watching because there is no waiting a week or months to see what is happening with the family and servants. After finishing Season 6, I plan on watching the very 1st episode again (it is the sinking of the Titanic which you reference). Besides the family and servant dynamics, the series shows in such an amazing way what the times were like, what triggered the changes, and how the people adapted. So many finely woven elements: finances, feminism (and birth control), the system of justice, dress & hairstyles, different races & religions, different classes of people, opportunities, etc. And the acting, of course, is superb! Masterpiece theater at its best!

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