Come forth from behind the curtain of the internet and reveal yourself. Today, on November 3rd, I am calling out the sadist who came up with the idea November is National Novel Writing Month, #NaNoWriMo. No wonder there are so many more self-published authors today* when there’s an online support group for you to write your novel in a month’s time. To participate, you commit to writing a minimum of 50,000 words in thirty days. Other writers can sign up to be your writing buddy to urge you on as you post and track your progress.

Are you freakin’ kidding me? My work-in-progress is currently at 85,904 words which has taken me over twenty-two months to write. And, I’m not done. I have three placeholders for chapters still to be written and inserted, along with nine more chapters to edit based on my first set of beta reader’s feedback.

Since I wasn’t willing, nor able, to commit to this lunacy and the stress it places on the writer, I’ve set my own goal which is to finish those chapters and edits by November 30th. I’ve mapped it out and it’s doable.

IF no more work travel gets scheduled beyond the four days already on the books.

IF we decide to stay home for Thanksgiving.

IF the words flow from my brain to my fingers.

You can’t force your writing, at least I can’t. You need to feel the ideas. You need to embrace the emotions and scenes you want to develop. I’m proclaiming November the month of: National Write What You Can Month – #NaWriWhaUCan and leave it right there.

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*For more information on the explosion of self-publication, check out: Words, Words, Words

#amwriting  #amediting  #writingcommunity #nanowrimo

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5 thoughts on “#NaNoWriMo – It’s a Thing

  1. Writing a lot quickly does not seem like a worthwhile goal. I think you’re doing it right. Quality is what matters, not speed. It’s great to set yourself goals to make sure you stay on track but 50K words in a month just means a lot of people will put a lot of junk on the page.

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    1. Yes, that’s my line of thought, too. I’m seeing many writers on Twitter stressing out – not worth it to me – and to then realize at the end of the month that those 50K words were crap


  2. Well, despite the fact I agree with your sentiments, I have signed up for Nanowrimo, and even joined a local cape cod chapter. I am using the experience to try a new genre (paranormal narrative nonfiction) interspersed with random new chapters for my current (and stalled) narrative non-fiction project.

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