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Celebrating the season with images of churches mentioned within Eliza’s story. From Philadelphia to Ireland to Boston, Catholic and Episcopal churches in all their majesty. Can you look at St. Colman’s and not think of Ken Follet’s Pillars of the Earth? If you haven’t read that epic tome of building cathedrals in the 12th Century Europe, I highly recommend!

I have tried not to use religion as a major theme of Eliza’s story, but it does serve as a source of conflict between two of the characters with an interesting resolution.

As we are in the midst of the Advent season, here is a snippet of a scene of Eliza and her mother attending services at St. Clement’s on the second Sunday of Advent in the middle of her first semester exams:

A sharp elbow jab woke Eliza from her stupor. She started with a shake of her head and lifted her chin to see Reverend Abrams at the lectern. He opened the book to the marked page and adjusted his glasses. Eliza’s eyes sagged again in anticipation of the Reverend’s droning voice for the Scriptures.

“From Romans. Chapter 15, Verses 4 – 13,” he began.

Another jab, followed by a hiss, “Eliza, sit up and look alive. Pay attention.”

Eliza’s mother sat next to her in the pew of St. Clements Episcopal Church. Green boughs of fir hung from the pews’ edges, tied with ribbons of purple and white for the second Sunday of Advent. Today’s reading would foster the ideals of prophecy, endurance and hope, messages Eliza needed to hear, thought Laura.

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays – may you have a wonderful season filled with hope and love.


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