How cute is this ornament?? I received this adorable stack of books from the Yankee Swap at my wonderful book club’s annual holiday get-together. This year we tried a new format which included rolling a die and taking actions corresponding to a key code for the number. Hence, it was pure chance that I ended up with this one in my lap wrapped up with a pretty bow and hidden from everyone. Lucky me! If you’re still looking for a last minute fun gift for your favorite reader, it’s available on Amazon.

Of course, books are always a welcome gift. I have many recommendations of titles I’ve read on my own, as part of my book club readings and for research for my novel. Check them out here: Book Recommendations.

I have several books waiting to be wrapped to go under our tree and to share with friends and family. Are there any on your list you’d like to receive? Any wrapped and ready to distribute on Christmas morning, or over the eight days of Hanukah? Share your recommendations in the comments below!

Happy Last Minute Shopping!  Place your orders now and Amazon Prime should still make it to you in time!

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