I’m taking a quick break tonight after nearly three days straight of editing, re-working some scenes and writing a few new ones. I need it after moving through the wedding night and into World War I and the Spanish influenza. Whew! The tension! I hope it comes through on my pages as much as I felt it putting the words down. Here’s a sneak peak as some of my research references for these chapters. Can you imagine what my Google search history looks like???

reference pics 1912.1918

This puts me at five more chapters to edit and two, maybe three, new ones to write. After reading through my editor’s comments again, I’m relieved to see those last chapters’ edits should be minimal. No more “head-hopping” (switching Point of View mid-scene) to fix. I’m further bouyed by her comment of “Write one of your strong ending lines here.” I’ve worked hard to have scenes and chapters end with a “Mic Drop” type of impression – a BOOM – and just leave it there for the reader to mull over.

So, the light is shining bright at the end of the tunnel. With another couple of vacation days and a few writing sprints scheduled with a new online writers’ group, I should be ready for my next round of beta readers by August 1. For anyone I’ve contacted about reading, I’ll be in touch soon with more information before I send you the manuscript.

The path has been long, especially when I look back to where I was the last time I used this photo – The Path May Be Long  – two years ago when I sent a few chapters out to preview readers to prep for my first writers’ conference. My writing has improved dramatically. Eliza has grown right along with me. I’m happy to be on this path


with her.

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5 thoughts on “A Light at the End of the Tunnel

    1. Thank you for your continued support! Book 2 does have a couple of chapters laid out since I ended up revising and rejiggering the timeline. I would love to see if you’re available to read in entirety this draft #6. Your professional and personal perspectives would be invaluable. I’ll shoot you an email. Best, Janis


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