Recommendations for a Great Book Always Makes a Perfect Gift

Just in time for the official opening of the holiday shopping season. Whether you’re tying on your walking shoes for Black Friday store sales, browsing local independent stores on Small Business Saturday, or flexing your fingers for Cyber Monday, I hope the following tips offers some ideas for the book lovers in your circle. Some are my recommendations and some were curated from a survey I ran among bookish groups on Facebook.

My Top Picks for Bookish Gifts

Getting Organized for the New Year

How many of us vow to start a new year by getting organized? The beautiful calendar on the left features artwork by Claude Monet, Édouard Manet, Mary Cassatt, and others of women reading. I picked up the Reading Log (right) for myself as well as to use as a swap gift for a few book clubs / group exchanges. At $5.99, it’s the perfect choice to stay under a $10 maximum spend. I paired it with specialty dark chocolates to complete the gift.

E-Book Necessities

Under normal circumstances, I travel for work, a lot. My Kindle library has been a lifesaver, always having a book at my fingertips whether I was in a hotel room or in the middle of a cross-country flight. I use the App on my Microsoft tablet so I only have to pack one device for work and pleasure needs. For anyone who wants a Kindle only, the Paperwhite is a great choice. I’ve also found for reading on any device, reading glasses come in handy to combat blue light glare and provide magnification for tired eyes. The pack of (5) is only $14.99 making them another good choice for a swap gift. Break them apart and wrap up one pair with an Amazon gift certificate for $10. Then, share my Facebook Author page with the gift recipient. Ten dollars goes far when you take advantage of the Kindle specials I post ranging from $1.99 – $4.99.

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Cozy Up with a Good Book

Last year I featured this weighted Sherpa blanket. I don’t understand the physics or psychological forces at work with the weight sewn in, but it works wonders to create a calming effect. Lo and behold, apparently my sons do read this blog and I found one under the tree tagged for me. It’s awesome! Of course, to further a serene setting, you need a mug of your favorite hot beverage in one hand and fun, novelty socks on your feet. Mugs can be found for well under $10 and the socks are $10 making both of them great conversation starters for swap gifts.

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Whimsical Book Case Ideas from Etsy

Bookcases with a gift card taped to each shelf are a great idea for young families or young adults in their first apartments. Plenty of choices can be found under $50 at second-hand shops. You don’t need Martha Stewart in the house to turn a used book case into a personal statement with a bit of sandpaper, contact paper and spray paint. Plenty of inspiration can be found on Etsy.

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Listen While You Work or Walk

Did you know you can give Audible gift subscriptions? I have become hooked on listening to books while I’m walking. Wanting to get to a chapter end keeps me going longer and farther.

One more, because I couldn’t resist. For those whose book club meetings devolve into more bottles finished than discussions started…the perfect morning-after mug.

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Fess Up – Who Needs This Mug?

I hope these tips help you plan your attack for holiday shopping for special book lovers on your list. If you need a few more ideas, check out my earlier post about book and gift parings: Mother’s Day Bookish Gifts. I’d love to hear from you, too. Drop a comment – did you add any of these to your shopping lists? Indulge in one of them for yourself? Let me know!

Best Books to Give This Holiday Season

I’ve decided to not post a round-up of books to gift. Why not? I’m following the advice from my editor, Ellen Notbohm. “When you truly care about coming up with a meaningful gift, you have to let go of all your own preconceptions and personal preferences and focus exclusively on your intended gift recipient, a person who is one-of-a-kind.” Wise words from a wise woman. She offers excellent thoughts to assist with coming up with an appropriate choice. Although she wrote the post prompted by people asking her for a recommendation for an autistic child, they can be applied to any person. So rather than giving a book, give the gift of choice and wrap up a gift card the recipient can use to support their local independent bookstore through

Happy Shopping! Happy Gifting! Happy Holidays!

Happy Reading!

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