Historical Fiction Favorite


Ashley Sweeney
(Oregon Trail saga, 353 pages)

My feet are sore. My lips are cracked. My stomach yearns. My bones rattle. My eyes freeze. My body aches. My skin burns. My heart weakens. I have walked over two thousand miles from Missouri to California. I have walked in Ada Weeks’ worn boots, with their soles flapping against dust-filled, wagon-rutted paths. I have walked in the boots Ada removed from a dead man to trudge through snow drifts up to her chest. Ada Weeks, a fictional character inserted into the overland California Trail of the ill-fated Donner Party in 1846, is the heroine of Answer Creek. She earns her title, and then some, through her sheer will and fortitude to survive against the odds and reach the promised land of California where she can start a new life, with or without a man by her side. Other characters complement Ada on the journey west, but it’s the vivid details and descriptions of the terrain and weather which cast them as antagonistic characters in the story that help them stand on their own.

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