Historical Fiction Favorite


Jane Healy
(World War II England/France, 361 pages)

On the surface and at first glance, I thought Beantown Girls would be a gentler read for the popular WWII genre. And it was. However, the push into a five-star rating didn’t come from learning about the Red Cross Club Mobile girls, it came from my personal connection. As I read the story of three friends from Boston, all I could picture was my Mom, (from Boston) who was the same age as the characters in 1944. Her fiancé was in the US Navy in the South Pacific and her brother was in the Army Air Force in Europe. She leaned on her friends to get through the darkest days of the war by keeping up morale through their loving, lively letters to their men overseas. Their efforts were as important as the work done by Fiona, Dottie, and Viviana traveling through England, France and Belgium serving coffee and doughnuts with a smile and a wink.

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