The Path Beneath Her Feet

Published by: Black Rose Writing
Release Date: September 5, 2024
Pages: 332
ISBN13: 978-1-68513-472-3


THE PATH BENEATH HER FEET continues the story of Dr. Eliza Edwards’ commitment to limit suffering and save lives amid the tumultuous landscapes of 1930s and 1940s America.

In 1936, as the Depression ravages careers, Eliza re-defines her abilities. When a position calls her to Warm Springs, Georgia, to tend to a polio patient, Eliza faces the harsh realities of a society plagued by prejudice. Mirroring the pack-horse librarians’ mission to bring books to the illiterate communities of Appalachia, the American Women's Hospitals delivers essential medical care. Eliza joins the AWH, reclaiming her purpose and rediscovering her ambitions against the backdrop of the Tennessee mountains. As family responsibilities call her home to Boston, the heartbreak of losing those dearest to her amplifies with the eruption of World War II, bringing chaos to the world and sending her sons into battle.

In this emotionally charged sequel to THE UNLOCKED PATH, Dr. Eliza Edwards marks her journey through sacrifice, love, and an unyielding pursuit of justice in an era marked by adversity. The ingénue student becomes the mature mentor, steadfast in her calling to effect social change by addressing women’s health issues and guiding others to realize their dreams.


The Path Beneath Her Feet offers a fascinating look at medicine in Depression and WWII-era America. Women doctors in particular—still a tiny minority in the profession—faced significant challenges even as the need for care increased. These challenges and the dauntless women who overcame them form the foundation of this sweeping yet intimate novel. Rich in historical details, this story transports the reader back in time while remaining highly relevant to today’s world.”
– Amanda Skenandore, Award-winning author of The Second Life of Mirielle West

"In this sequel to The Unlocked Path we continue to learn about remarkable early women doctors. Meticulously researched and beautifully written, Janis Robinson Daly gives us the story of a life well lived. Kudos to the author for this compassionate look at these extraordinary women, brought to life through the fictional Dr. Eliza Edwards."
– Kathleen Grissom, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Kitchen House and Crow Mary

“Readers will love adventuring through Eliza’s mature years, as she encounters repeated setbacks in personal and professional ways. She is strong and accomplished, but still has much life left to learn. With a blend of fortitude and compassion, Eliza faces loss, heartbreak, and the burdens of aging. The Path Beneath Her Feet reminds us to never stop
learning and believing in our dreams.”
– Kerry Chaput, Author of the award-winning Defying the Crown series

“Spanning the historic and tumultuous 1930s-1940s in Boston and Appalachia, Janis Robinson Daly’s expansive The Path Beneath Her Feet lures readers
into a complex web of familial and professional drama centered on a female physician seeking acceptance in a male-dominated field while fulfilling roles as a wife, mother, grandmother, colleague, mentor, friend, and lover.  Impeccably researched and detailed, this captivating novel is sure to garner acclaim. A triumph!”
– Ashley E. Sweeney, Award-winning author of  Eliza Waite

“In this sequel to The Unlocked Path, Daly packs her melodramatic with historical details of the period, including the impending war, the Depression-era poverty, and racial bigotry. A historically compelling, engaging ode to a cadre of formidable women.”
– Kirkus Reviews

“An inspirational story of a woman doctor in the early 20th century, battling misogyny at every turn in order to serve her patients and fulfill her calling. Eliza Edwards is a true original, and this novel is full of heart.”
– Gill Paul, USA Today best-selling author of A Beautiful Rival



Read the opening scene and snippets from Chapters 2-34 of The Path Beneath Her Feet.