July 2021 – The NCL Bookends Recovene In-Person Meetings After 11 Months of Shutdown

I’m not sure which lasted longer: the hugs for each arrival, the clouds for a beach day, or the book discussion. After eleven months apart, most of the members of my book club traveled down for a Cape Cod picnic and “beach” day for an in-person meeting. Over cups of clam chowder – the REAL clam chowder, New England style – lobster and chicken salad rolls, watermelon and corn/bean salads and our signature summer beverage of homemade sangria, we laughed, caught up and discussed the dual narrative/timeline of The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter by Hazel Gaynor. Overall consensus was a solid 4.5 star read with most of us gravitating toward the 1838 “Grace” narrative and her struggle to grab at a chance of love when weighed against a sense of family responsibilities and personal insecurities. We also enjoyed learning about the 1938 Hurricane which hit nearby Rhode Island in force. Although some of the warnings today turn out to be “crying wolf”, it’s still better to be safe than sorry.

Good Food. Good Book. Wonderful Gathering.

By the end of the day, after we polished off a few cookies and washed them down with sips of homemade limoncello (Thanks, MaryBeth!), we agreed to get back on track with in-person meetings starting up again in September. We can only hope the world doesn’t take a downward spin into uncertainty again to thwart our plans. Zoom meetings did not work very well for us, despite the tips I had put together for Virtual Meetings via ZOOM, Facebook, LogMeIn, or Skype.

Are you in a book club? I hope it means as much to you as mine does to me. The core members of our group have been together for over 23 years, through ups and downs and all-arounds.

If you’re looking for more information on book clubs, from titles to consider to their history, I’ve put together several points of reference:

HAPPY READING and BEST WISHES to you for your book club success from the NCL Bookends.

You’ll have to zoom in quite a bit to see Sandy Neck Lighthouse in the background for our discussion of The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter.

For a few other fun meetings of the NCL Bookends, check out celebration of the 19th Amendment’s 100th anniversary and our Skype call with Lisa See to discuss The Island of Sea Women.

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      1. We recently moved to a new state and our neighborhood has a book club that will restart in the fall. That would be a way for me to meet people, too. Thanks for the link!

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