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While I do not participate in formal reading challenges, I do assemble a listing of books to read for the year guided by my book clubs, personal interest, recommendations from friends, and research for my next novel. Since historical fiction is my favorite genre, I’m happy to share some titles on my 2022 list. Have you read any? Any going into your TBR pile?

First up, the first half of the year choices for my online historical fiction book club. I’m excited for the variety of settings and time periods.

To Be Scheduled: Bonus book with the author joining us for a discussion: Answer Creek by Ashley Sweeney. We’re also looking ahead to the fall, gathering ideas to put to a vote by members. As an admin for the group, I’ve secured a fall/winter slot for The Unbroken Path. For that month, I’ll be trading in my reader hat for my  author hat.

New Titles by HNS Members

New Titles by HNS MembersA few I found in the November 2021 issue of Historical Novels Review which piqued my interest:

And two which I expect will be reviewed in next year’s issue(s):

  • The Unlocked Path by Janis Robinson Daly. Releases 8/25/22.
  • Hardland by Ashley Sweeney. Releases 9/13/22.


Confession Time: I jumped on the bandwagon for a challenge, the only type I would participate in, when I put a request out to my FB followers for 12 BOOKS FOR 12 MONTHS RECOMMENDED BY 12 FRIENDS. I received 3.5 years’ worth! Here are the first 12 which came in. Do you concur on any of them?

Love it when folks share their favorites

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