“Eliza sees the best and worst of humanity, but never falters from her mission to limit suffering and save lives.”

—Tracey Enerson Wood, Author of International Best Seller, The Engineer's Wife 




About The Unlocked Path

Meet a “New Woman” of the early 20th century: educated, career-minded, independent Eliza Pearson Edwards. In 1897 Philadelphia, after witnessing her aunt's suicide, Eliza rejects her mother’s wishes for a society debut, and enters medical college. With the support of a circle of women and determined to conquer curriculum demands, battle sexism, and overcome doubts, Eliza charts a new life course.

About the Author

Discovery that my great-great grandfather was a founder of the Woman’s Medical College of Pennsylvania inspired my next career direction: unearthing the stories of women whose lives have remained in the shadows. My debut novel, The Unlocked Path, balances authenticity and rich historical detail with deep emotional connections to create engaging fictional characters.




“Eliza sees the best and worst of humanity, but never falters from her mission to limit suffering and save lives…Readers will enjoy the rich period detail and emotional impact of The Unlocked Path.”

—Tracey Enerson Wood, International bestselling author of The Engineer’s Wife

“Janis Robinson Daly movingly depicts the monumental struggles early women physicians faced, and the much-needed niche they filled… Meticulously researching a fascinating era in our history and creating an engaging narrator to guide us through it, Janis Robinson Daly has delivered a winner.”

—Sally Cabot Gunning, author of
The Widow’s War and Painting the Light

“A story of resilience, empowerment, and coming of age…journey and discovery of “the why” echoes a story that we all carry in our hearts. Great historical fiction is timeless.”

—Eliza Lo Chin, MD, MPH, Executive Director, American Medical Women’s Association

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